Carol Wells-Perlaky

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Carol Wells-Perlaky is originally from central Indiana and resides in southwest Pennsylvania area. Naturally been published on her own sites, listed to the right, but also had some stories about her family selected for publication in Guide Post humor compilation books in the past.

Graphic entitled Pen-Friend © Zsuzsanna KilianAsk her oldest child and she will be more than willing to tell you that Carol will write about family; whether those family members like it or not. The only concession is that Carol has promised to not share the children's names within the stories. Gender, yes. Birth order, yes. Names, no. She has even avoided sharing initials! This promise became more important when she wrote a story that apparently went viral, offline, thanks to a classmate of the oldest child discovering some of Carol's writings online one day while in the school's library.

This site is currently undergoing revision and revamping. Carol hopes you enjoyed visiting this page - particularly since it is the only one available at the moment.